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Happy April Sidekick Readers 👋! The sun is shining, we’re inching our way towards herd immunity, and skinny jeans are officially cancelled. Life is good, and only getting better. That’s why today’s recs are all about how you can seize the day everyday in 2021.

-Ashritha Karuturi


Marcus Gosling and Jennifer Pattee talk to Project W about the importance of humility, honesty, and curiosity in founding a startup.

The Lean Startup Process — Diagram from TheLeanStartup.com (Eric Ries)

If you’re in the startup space in any capacity, you’ve probably heard of The Lean Startup. It’s a book written by IMVU Co-Founder Eric Ries famous for introducing a new methodology of product development that minimizes the risk of failure. Put (very) simply, Ries rejects the notion that you need an enormous amount of capital and resources to launch a successful startup. Instead, he proposes hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product testing, and fast failing as a means of achieving product…

A Project W x Green Line Ventures Collaboration.

Sarah Hodges, VC at Pillar VC, led an amazing workshop with the Project W community on how to build the perfect pitch deck. Here’s a recap of our main takeaways that’s short, sweet, and to the point — just like your pitch deck should be.

💡 Pro Tips

  • Tell A Story. Be Human. Numbers are great and you should have those but what you’re looking to do should be bigger and more meaningful that just “the size of the market” So showcase that!
  • Content > Design. I know Canva has convinced us…

College is the best time to invest in yourself (literally), which is why we brought together Babson, Olin, & Wellesley women for some real talk on money. Our team compiled the main takeaways and tools the Project W community uses when it comes to goal-setting, investing, budgeting, retirement planning, and more.

(Disclaimer: The following advice is strictly from personal experiences, NOT from a professional financial advisor. Use the links listed at the bottom for a deeper dive into the following topics.)

🎯 Set Goals

When it comes to personal finance, the best place to start is goal-setting. …

A few weeks ago, we hosted our first ever #TeaTalks on productivity. Tea Talks are casual discussions where BOW women spill the tea on relevant topics and exchange personal experiences, advice, & resources.

Within the span of just an hour, we covered a plethora of topics from productivity tips and tools to our perspectives on work-life balance and mental health. This casual yet intimate conversation was extraordinarily insightful for our team so we decided to compiled some major takeaways & resources from our notes for you!

How to Get Into the Zone

Product Management is the hottest role in tech right now. Simply put, PMs turn ideas into realities. They’re in charge of product, vision, and strategy. But what does a PMs day-to-day actually look like? And how do you become one? Fortunately for us, Christina Gee (Babson ’17), has the answers.

Christina Gee began her career as a Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft before transitioning to a Program Management role where she worked on the welcome screens experience on Microsoft’s product line. …

Project W is a student-led group dedicated to inspiring and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration amongst women innovators and entrepreneurs across the Babson, Olin, and Wellesley (BOW) Colleges. We bring innovators, artists, engineers, and critical thinkers from all 3 BOW colleges to start high-level projects and foster meaningful relationships.

Our virtual community is a place for doers. Project W exists to let women learn, connect, and create: the three pillars of our community.

Ashritha Karuturi

Co-Founder of Project W. Student at Babson College. Reach out to me @ akaruturi1@babson.edu!

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